Strange Creature

A mysterious changing creature can take almost any form. Is he one animal with many eyes or many animals? Can he fly? Can he talk? Does it come from the stars? Is he alone? Is he the only one in his world?

Strange Creature (Vreemd Beest) was originally an educational art film commissioned by Kunstgebouw for an itinerary exhibition in primary schools. It slowly evolved into a piece of animation worth to be seen on its own and has been shown in festivals and screenings all over the world.

 Strange Creature is selected for the following festivals:

- Ottawa International Animation Festival, Category Short Animation for Children 2013
- Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF) 2013
- Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF) 2013
- Bradford Animation Festival 2013, Category Films for Children
- ANIMAGE 2013, Recife, Brazil, Children's Competition.
- Expotoons Buenos Aires 2013
- Competition Programme KROK International Film festival 2013
- Cinema Piccolo
- Screencutz Amsterdam September 2013
- Online Competitie Nederlands Film Festival.
- Lissabon Animation Festival 2014 (MONSTRA)- children's competition.
- Atlantic Film Festival 2014, Halifax, Nova Scotia
- Best of MONSTRA (90 days tour around Portugal, France, Mozambique and more to come)

Strange Creature in Mozambique

Best of MONSTRA is now going to Kugoma Festival in Mozambique. Monstra has been invited to program screenings for the underprivileged children of Maputo's outskirts. The festival has a special bus that picks up the kids at their neighbourhoods and takes them to the festival screenings for free.

This is the first Strange Creature screening in Africa, hopefully there are more to come!



Strange Creature - Does it have many eyes? - Hand Drawn Animation


Strange Creature - Baby Creature - Hand Drawn Animation


Strange Creature - Omnivore - Hand Drawn Animation


Strange Creature - Parade - Hand Drawn Animation


Strange Creature - Fight - Hand Drawn Animation




Directed by
Cristina Garcia Martin

Cristina Garcia Martin
Nora Höppener

Cristina Garcia Martin
Nora Höppener
Mat Wijn

Fleur van den Berg
Cristina Garcia Martin

Sophie Campagne
Igor Kramer
Maarten van Dorp
Mees en Kira Kuijper

Editing advice
Matthieu Hes

Special Thanks
Gijs Kuijper
Winko Erades van den Berg

Commissioned by
(Karola Pezarro)


If you would like to show Strange Picture at your festival/gallery/school/community/home/yard please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Yes, we always grant permission. No, we normally don't ask a dime for it.