Website for Villa Achterwek, a quality youth network part of Dutch public broadcast company VPRO. 

villa kaft

The four years I've worked at VPRO, I was responsible for the website of Villa Achterwek, the youth division of public broadcast company VPRO. The site was supposed to be cheeky, funky and NOT childish at all. It was a lot of fun to work on it, together with very talented copy writers Ali Hassehof and Inge Willems. The sky was definately the limit when proposing new designs. Here you can find screenshots of different subsites at different periods. 


Villa Games

A collection of games about the different tv-programs.

villa spelletjes



VIlla Films

villa films


VIlla Programms

A list with all tv programms. By clicking on the letters on the left side of the screen, you filter the list to the clicked letter.

villa alleprogrammas



Stickers and promotion material:



Leuke Sites 

Links and tips for children.




 cultuuragenda zoek


Post Office (E-mails and letters from children)