Rijksmuseum accessorizes!

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 Online exhibition "Accessorize!" for the Rijksmuseum's accessoires collection. Winner of a Dutch Design Award!

A journey through five centuries of fashion where sparkling photography presents the accessories as timeless works of craftmanship and design. The elegant interface displays the 250 accessories larger than life and in all their splendor alongside interactive animations, quizzes, and a plethora of historical references.

Winnar of a Dutch Design Award!

Concept, design & animations: Cristina Garcia Martin & Joost van Grinsven
Interaction design & development: Aaron Howell
Curators: Bianca du Mortier & Ninke Bloemberg
Photography: Rijksmuseum (Carola van Wijk, Frans Pegt, Rik Klein Gotink)
Project Managment: Peter Gorgels


Intro animation about the importance of accessoires: to protect, to impress and...for magic powers. 




Feathered Hats - an animation about the use of feathers on hats in the 19th century.





Animation about the developing and ultimate lenght of the ruff. 




Interactive animation about objects in the collection reported to be a present. 

Cadeautjes accessories 




Quizz about objects in the collection not being as authentic as they were supposed to be.

Nep en echt quiz over objecten in het RIjksmuseum Accesorize Collection




Some impressions of the informative part of the site. You can zoom in to see the objects with great detail. Extensive infomation about the objects was written by curators Bianca du Mortier and Ninke Bloemberg.

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