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An sparkling online game about the Greek gods and goddesses.

MegaMythen (MegaMyths) is an online game about the Greek Gods. The player is a mortal who dares to enter the Mountain Olympus. The player learns about the gods while trying to obtain their powers. Use the powers you obtain from one God to win from other Gods. Hermes will be of some help, but most likely you will end up in the underworld once or twice...but, even there, there's a game.

Megamythen is nominated for a "Gouden Apenstaart" (best Dutch children's website).
Megamythen is nominated for a DE ('Digitale Erfgoed' or Digital Heritage) award.
Megamythen is shown at Indigo, a two-day festival on alternative games in the Netherlands.

Megamythen is made possible by GameFonds and SNS Reaal Fonds.
Cultural partnership: Rijksmuseum van Oudheden.

Idea: Cristina Garcia Martin
Game design: Cristina Garcia Martin, Daniël van Gils, Joost van Grinsven
Game development: Daniël van Gils, Sander Hassing, Joost Baaij
Animation & illustration: Cristina Garcia Martin
Sound & Music: Mat Wijn
Graphic Design: Joost van Grinsven
Text Editing: Hanne Marckmann
Production RMO: Saskia Broekman, Hedwig Wösten, Timo Epping, Hanneke Kik


Demeter en Persephone

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