Commissioned by The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, this iPad app contains the 25 minutes concert of Peter and the Wolf. You can either watch the orchestra play Peter and the Wolf, in a splendid video recording, or click your way through the story enjoying the interactive animations. We won a 'Gouden Apenstaart' for the best digital content made for children! 

A collaboration with Follow a Muse and Studio Parkers
Voice actor: Tom Janssen
Conductor: Otto Tausk

The animations were further developed to be performed by piano duo Scholtes & Janssens at Ostadetheater (Amsterdam). Joep Onderdelinden was the narrator.


Peter en de Wolf

Peter and the bird in the early morning.


Peter and Bird

Peter sees the cat through his binoculars. He's walking behind the grass.


Peter en de Wolf

The wolf makes his appearance. He's very scary.


Peter en de Wolf

Peter has a plan. He's climbing with a rope.


Peter en de Wolf

Peter tries to capture the wolf (who has eaten the duck. You can see the duck in the wolf's belly) 

The hunters walk towards the wolf

The hunters appear behind the trees. Some of them look a little bit like Japanese Samurai.


Peter en de Wolf

Peter shouts at the hunters: Don't shoot, I've captured the wolf already. Help me to take him to the zoo!


 Character development Peter


Peter is the main character. He's brave, optimistic and kind to all animals - even the wolf.

Peter is the main character. He's brave, optimistic, and kind to all animals - even the wolf.



Character development grandfather

opa character

Grandfather worries a lot...especially about the wolf.




Character development cat

cat character

The cat is smart and mischievous. 



Character development wolf

wolf schets







Character development bird










Character development duck

The duck is the only character that has a shadow. He's a fat, dumb duck, but in proportion, he cannot be much bigger than other characters. The shadow gives him weight and proximity to the ground.

duck character sheet v3



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