Hermitage museum

Teaser for internet and press announcing the Panorama installation in Hermitage Museum (Amsterdam). Commissioned by Buro Extra

My Dad the Supernova

Maartje’s father suffers from Alzheimer's disease. He used to be an astronomer so they make a journey together to the Leiden Observatory where he used to work before Maartje was born.

'Mijn vader de Sterrenkijker' had its premiere in Leiden during the "Nacht van Kunst and Kennis" and has been performed in Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), the 'Huiskamerfestival' in Amsterdam and many other locations.


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"Hoeveel dagen hebben de maanden?"


This animation invites you to use your knuckles, not to fight of course, but to memorize the number of days in each month. Yes, exactly, that little trick that never stopped to amuse you and amaze you as a kid.
Commissioned by very well know Dutch tv-programme “Het Klokhuis” for their series "Snapje?".


Die Schöne Magelone

Animations for Brahms' song cyclus "Die Schöne Magelone" as projected on the International Chamber Music Festival in Delft.


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The Dutch were here

Presentation film for the ambassy of the Netherlands in the USA, commissioned by the Museum of National History (Nationaal Historisch Museum) in order to promote "The Dutch were here", a history project regarding the presence of the Dutch in New York.

Script: Nationaal Historisch Museum
Direction & Animation: Cristina Garcia Martin
Sound: Mat Wijn
Voice-over: J.C. Chapman 


Animation tv-program (8 episodes x 5 minutes) featuring traditional children songs about fingers from all over the world.
A collaboration with Micha Wertheim, sound by Mat Wijn, edited by Matthieuw Hes. Commissioned by broadcast company VPRO.


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NGOs on Refugee Resettlement

Animation film based on the speech read on behalf of 42 NGOs attending the ATCR convention in Geneva. Commissioned by the Dutch Council for Refugees (VluchtelingenWerk)

A World of Feathers

Six films for the exhibition "A World of Feathers" commissioned by the National Museum of Ethnology (Museum Volkenkunde). The animations reflect on our fascination for feathers and birds across many different cultures. 

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Ident for Bunker Theaterzaken

Insert animation for Bunker Theaterzaken dvd and tv productions.

Best Before

Animations and leader for documentary "Beperkt Houdbaar" (literally "Best before" or by its English title "Over the Hill") by Sunny Bergman & Leo Wentink. This documentary deals with beauty ideals, plastic surgery and the way cosmetics, glossy magazines and advertising crating an ideal image of women.

Golden Years

Animation about the Golden Age in The Netherlands, commissioned by National Historic Museum.