My Dad the Supernova



My Dad the Supernova (Mijn vader de Sterrenkijker) was initially a 15 minutes radio documentary by Maartje Duin about her father, who used to be an astronomer and now suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Maartje travels with her father to the Leiden Observatory. We have created a theatrical version with an animated decor. 'Mijn vader de Sterrenkijker' had its premiere in Leiden during the "Nacht van Kunst and Kennis" (September the 16th), will be perfomed in Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam) on September the 21st and plays several times during the 'Huiskamerfestival' on October the 7th.

Nacht van Kunst en Kennis

Stedelijk Museum


For further information on performances, credits and sponsors please visit Maartje Duin's website.



anzichkaart planeten


anzichkaart planeten


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