When I was five

"When I was five": Three stories about losing a brother or sister.

Director Sara Kolster (38) was five years old when her little sister Anna died. Her first memory after this profound experience is the birth of her new sister. The period in between is a blur. To find out how she dealt with this loss, she made a radio documentary for Dutch public broadcaster VPRO. She interviewed people that were involved in her life back then. And she spoke to six children of around ten years old, who have also lost their brother or sister. The stories of three of these children have been depicted in the animations.


Light tunnel



Pear popsicle



Little tears


Directors: Sara Kolster & Laura Stek
Illustrations and stopmotion: Sara Kolster & Cristina Garcia Martin
Audio editor: Laura Stek
Music: Amiina
Editor: Max Italiaander
Special thanks to: Bram, Kess and Lena