When I was five

"When I was five": Three stories about losing a brother or sister.

Director Sara Kolster (38) was five years old when her little sister Anna died. Her first memory after this profound experience is the birth of her new sister. The period in between is a blur. To find out how she dealt with this loss, she made a radio documentary for Dutch public broadcaster VPRO. She interviewed people that were involved in her life back then. And she spoke to six children of around ten years old, who have also lost their brother or sister. The stories of three of these children have been depicted in the animations.


Light tunnel


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The Dutch were here

Presentation film for the ambassy of the Netherlands in the USA, commissioned by the Museum of National History (Nationaal Historisch Museum) in order to promote "The Dutch were here", a history project regarding the presence of the Dutch in New York.

Script: Nationaal Historisch Museum
Direction & Animation: Cristina Garcia Martin
Sound: Mat Wijn
Voice-over: J.C. Chapman 


Animation tv-program (8 episodes x 5 minutes) featuring traditional children songs about fingers from all over the world.
A collaboration with Micha Wertheim, sound by Mat Wijn, edited by Matthieuw Hes. Commissioned by broadcast company VPRO.


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NGOs on Refugee Resettlement

Animation film based on the speech read on behalf of 42 NGOs attending the ATCR convention in Geneva. Commissioned by the Dutch Council for Refugees (VluchtelingenWerk)

Ident for Bunker Theaterzaken

Insert animation for Bunker Theaterzaken dvd and tv productions.

Debt prevention

Animation part of a campaign preventing debt among low literate. The mute animation shows continuously at the waiting rooms of city hall in Amsterdam. Target groep is low literate who tend to have financial problems. 

Innovation in education

Animation about a new model for education, the Amsterdam Model for Education and Research. Commissioned by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam or HvA).

Best Before

Animations and leader for documentary "Beperkt Houdbaar" (literally "Best before" or by its English title "Over the Hill") by Sunny Bergman & Leo Wentink. This documentary deals with beauty ideals, plastic surgery and the way cosmetics, glossy magazines and advertising crating an ideal image of women.

Golden Years

Animation about the Golden Age in The Netherlands, commissioned by National Historic Museum.